My Story

… as a business project manager
I retired recently after a successful career spanning thirty-five years managing projects in the public and private sectors. These included Schroder Ventures, The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange, The British Council and Moorfields Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I had a reputation for delivery on time and within budget, and for building teams that worked together supportively and respectfully. So I understand the way that business works and the challenges of doing a great job and enjoying family life.

… as an NLP practitioner
If you’d been at Alton Towers on a chilly Spring day in 1999, you might have seen a woman in a bright pink jacket, nose in a book, hopping from foot to foot in excitement and telling anyone who would listen, “This is just so amazing! You have to check this out!” That was me, reading Sue Knight’s book “NLP at Work”, and I couldn’t have been more exhilarated if I’d drunk a pot of espresso and done the Oblivion ride twice. I just HAD to find out more, which is why I’m now a Certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer. Many of my one-to-one clients are striving for a healthier working life, and it’s a great joy to work with people who are committed to finding new ways to enjoy work and achieve a better work-life balance.

... as a playwright
I’d always meant to be a writer, and when I got to 45, I stopped waiting for the right time, sat down and started to do it. I’ve never looked back. So far, I’ve had my work performed in theatres in London, Bristol and Birmingham. Find out here about all my successful productions…