Hello, want to know about my coaching?
I became an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner because it provides tools that work. I’m always interested to meet and work with people who are committed to breaking old patterns and making positive changes. I’ve trained extensively with Frank Farrelly, who developed Provocative Therapy, and with Nick Kemp, one of the leading exponents of PT. I have used these highly effective techniques to help people from all walks of life, from senior executives to stressed-out kids.

Work and career headaches

This can range from dealing with a difficult boss to getting your work-life balance right; from feeling swamped to being undervalued. Whatever’s wrong with your work life, we can put you back in control..

The pain of grief and loss

Losing someone is an overwhelming experience. It can be incredibly difficult to move forward if you feel that means leaving them in the past. I can show you ways of finding peace.

Phobias, anxiety and OCD issues

You know when these have become too big to deal with alone. Luckily there are some great NLP techniques for getting your brain to process things differently so you can get everything back into proportion.

Crippling exam stress

We’ve all been there, but you don’t have to suffer alone (whether you’re the student... or their parent). I’ll show you some highly effective ways to tackle this stressful time.

Dealing with difficult people

We all have them. They might be family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. But here’s the good news – I can teach you the secret of not letting them get to you.